Market Data gives values important for calculations in the protocol. We use this page as an appendix which will describe different parameters of Market Data.

In order to receive information about the markets, you can call the function

- Using dfx

dfx canister --network ic call z4viz-kiaaa-aaaal-qbxmq-cai get_market_data_stable_data "(principal \"$TOKEN-PRINCIPAL\")"

The return parameters are as follows:

  1. token:

    • The principal of the underlying asset.

  2. token_standard:

    • The standard used by the token, such as ICRC-1 or DIP-20.

  3. symbol:

    • The symbol used for the Exchange Rate Canister.

  4. currency_type:

    • The type of currency being used, either FiatCurrency or Cryptocurrency, in the Exchange Rate Canister.

  5. close_factor_mantissa:

    • The percentage of a borrower's net borrow that can be liquidated specific to a market.

  6. liquidation_threshold_mantissa:

    • The percentage of collateral (expressed as a mantissa) at which having a debt greater than or equal to would allow one's assets to be liquidated.

  7. decimal:

    • The number of decimal places used by the underlying asset.

  8. fToken_decimal:

    • The number of decimal places used by the fToken.

  9. mantissa:

    • A general term for the scaling factor applied to certain values in the protocol. For our protocol, it is 1e18.

  10. exchange_rate_mantissa:

    • The current exchange rate between the underlying asset and fToken, expressed as a mantissa.

  11. dollar_per_underlying:

    • The conversion rate between the underlying asset and USD.

  12. dollar_decimal:

    • The number of decimal places used for the USD conversion rate. For our protocol, that number is 8.

  13. token_fee:

    • Any fees associated with using the underlying asset in the protocol.

  14. collateral_factor_mantissa:

    • Expressed as a mantissa, determines what percentage of an asset can be used as collateral for borrowing.

  15. total_borrows:

    • The total amount of assets currently borrowed within the protocol.

  16. total_cash:

    • The total amount of cash available in the protocol.

  17. total_supply:

    • The total supply of fTokens issued by the protocol.

  18. base_rate_mantissa:

    • The base interest rate for borrowers, expressed as a mantissa.

  19. rate_multiplier_mantissa:

    • A multiplier used to determine the interest rate based on utilization, expressed as a mantissa.

  20. reserve_rate_mantissa:

    • The percentage of interest paid by borrowers that goes into the protocol's reserves, expressed as a mantissa.

  21. total_reserves:

    • The total amount of assets held in the protocol's reserves.

  22. liquidation_discount_mantissa:

    • A discount applied during the liquidation process, expressed as a mantissa.

  23. protocol_seize_share_mantissa:

    • The share of the collateral seized by the protocol during liquidation, expressed as a mantissa.

  24. balances:

    • A mapping of user addresses (or principals) to their respective account balances.

  25. borrow_balances:

    • A mapping of user addresses (or principals) to their respective outstanding borrowed balances.

  26. borrow_indexes:

    • A mapping of user addresses (or principals) to their respective borrow index values.

  27. borrow_index:

    • A global variable representing the current borrow index for the protocol.

  28. previous_block:

    • The block number at which the previous update took place.

  29. current_block:

    • The current block number at the time of the update.

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