Theoretical Tx Fee Explanation

The costs of the fee model is given below:

Fee Model

gasFeeIcp=2e4Icp+baseComputationFeeIcp+specificFunctionCallFeeIcpgasFee_{Icp} =2e4_{Icp} + baseComputationFee_{Icp} + specificFunctionCallFee_{Icp}

2e4 Base Transfer Fee

The 2e4 is for a standard 0.0001 ICP fee for transfer from the deposit subaccount to our fee manager + another 0.00001 ICP fee for transfer from the fee manager to the nns minting cycles canister


This fee is a generic base fee for computation and storage set arbitrarily as a method of preventing cycle drains. It is subject to change but derives from the ICP fee. It currently is:

baseComputationFee=0.0003IcpbaseComputationFee =0.0003_{Icp}


Currently variable function call fee is based off cycles it costs to call the the exchange rate canister to get an update the price state of the markets. Future upgrades will include size of the markets and size of the Nat inputted into the function wheter borrowing, liquidating, minting, etc.

However, current values are as specified

#Borrow, #Liquidate, #Redeem, #RedeemUnderlying, #UpdateAllMarkets

To call the exchange rate canister, it requires a 12e8 cycles (aka xdr) cost. So each of these functions loo

specificFunctionCallFeeIcp=xdrToIcpConversion(12e8xdrNumberOfMarkets)IcpspecificFunctionCallFee_{Icp} = xdrToIcpConversion(12e8_{xdr}*NumberOf Markets)_{Icp}

#Mint, #DepositDip, #DepositIcp, #DepositIcrc1, #FixedFee, #WithdrawDip, #WithdrawIcp, #WithdrawIcrc1, #Repay

None of these functions require any exchange rate canister calling and as such have 0 specificCallFee.

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